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Introduction to is a well tuned installation of the free open-source software. The installation is centered in New Zealand, where the servers use 100% renewable energy, and the whole site is a globally distributed array of independent messaging servers.
Each server runs on low-energy mobile-phone-based microprocessors, and should any one server or network fail it's impact will be limited to that local area only, and not the rest of the grid. More information is available in this Whitepaper.
Get Commenting
It is free to chat publicly with your family, group or co-workers on your own group. Also see the Messaging User Guide for specific instructions.
Choose Any Topic
Enter a group name in the 'AtomJump' search box. If it is a general topic, you can chat with the public there, or you can share the name of your group with your friends. You can make up a new group without signing in.
It's live
It all takes place live, across over 260,000 groups (and counting).
You can share a group with your friends via e.g. SMS by tapping the 3 circle 'share' icon in the top right hand corner. Or you can copy the URL [group]․atomjump․com in the browser address bar, which is unique to your group. E.g. london․atomjump․com for London talk. When you're chatting you can also use the special @ tag at the end of a word to provide a fast link to another group forum eg. london@.
Start a business
Accepting payments from other users off a forum is as easy as writing e.g. 'pay 5 dollars to me' in a message (this will accept payments in $US). Your AtomJump email address must match your Paypal account email. AtomJump take no commission, but standard Paypal charges apply. For UK users, you can also write e.g. 'pay 3.50 pounds' to accept British pounds.
Private Rooms
Private rooms at xxxx․atomjump․com are purchased at NZ$15 / year per page (US$10). You can set a password on a room for a private discussion within a family, team or company. With this, you have any volume of messages and any number of users. Note: If this is a trademarked name, we may require proof of ownership.
Your Hosted Messaging Options
$0 Always Messaging
Group Chat in Public
Public forums

$15 per year Private Room
Group Chat in Private
Personalised Backdrop

? per month
Custom Domain/Appearance
Site Integration
Any Number of Dedicated Servers
Choice of Plugins
Note: All prices are in New Zealand Dollars. As a guide, NZ$15 = US$10
Private Room Terms
Item Specification
Trial Period
An optional 1 month free trial can be applied for, and then the first annual payment is invoiced.
Cancellation The service can be cancelled at any time, without additional fees.
Please allow up to 1 working day for manual checks on your room's name. If it is a trademarked name, we may need some evidence that you have ownership of the name.
Renewal An invoice will be sent by email annually, which can be paid within 30 days.
Refunds If you are unhappy with the service please let us know and, on agreement, we will refund the current annual fee. If not, you can also follow these NZ Government suggestions to raise an ISP complaint.
There is also a complete list of terms, that explains our relationship with you, and what content you can and can't put on your private room.