Software Updates

AtomJump Software Updates

When we release updates they are either

  • new features,
  • non-critical fixes,
  • or critical fixes.

All of these software fixes are available for immediate download, and are naturally free of charge.

Critical / Security fixes

We provide notifications of critical fixes (which are often security fixes, but they can also be fixes that could prevent your software from working).

To be notified of these updates, we have two forums which you can opt-in to, by subscribing with your email address:

  1. Public notification of critical updates
  2. Vetted notification of critical updates

See/Get Public Notifications

The vetted notification is for known customers/partners, who require updates before a public security notification, to allow them to update their software before this information is released to a wider group. This forum requires password access, and you will need to contact us to get access.

To subscribe to one of these forums: go into the forum (click the large start button, if it hasn’t automatically gone into the chat box), click on the ‘Settings’ button on the bottom left corner, and enter your email address. If you download the free AtomJump Messaging app (available for iPhone and Android), you can also get live ping notifications on your phone.